The complete Joice Mujuru Wikileaks dossier

After going through every cable on Vice-President Joice Mujuru we have now discovered that there are in fact 35 cables that mention her name. We have now published all 35 and you can read them here.

We also have an index which has links to other individuals whose cables are now complete. In cases where we have not yet written on all the cables, the index just indicates how many cables there might be. We will give you the actual figure once we have read and written about the cables.

This is not an exhaustive index as we are continuing to add names.

Our idea is to publish all the nearly 3000 cables on Zimbabwe. Some might be published more than once when we classify them as they might mention more than one person.

Tomorrow we are focussing on the four cables on Obert Gutu, the Movement for Democratic Change deputy Minister for Justice, who was suspended over his comments on the party leader Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai. He is, for example. Not on our current index.

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