South Africa Women’s Affairs Minister roasted for not protecting Gabriella Engels after she was allegedly assaulted by Grace Mugabe


The HOUSE CHAIRPERSON (Mr A J Nyambi): Yes, allow me to make a ruling. Hon Manopole! Order, members!

Ms G M MANOPOLE: I must take it op my plek [at my seat] and that thing is an insult to me. He is being consistently abusing us. He has been consistent on his abuse. It cannot be that to be subjected to this kind of abuse, Chair. This abuse … [Interjections.]

The HOUSE CHAIRPERSON (Mr A J Nyambi): Hon Manopole, hon Hattingh, I’m dealing with the point of order that is being appropriately raised by hon Manopole. Of course, it is true and possible that I can miss what is being said that side. However, it is the responsibility for all of you as members to bring it to my attention so that I can be able to make a proper ruling. Therefore, hon Hattingh, refrain from what you are doing. The other day you were the one, yesterday, who raised the issue of compromising the decorum of the House. Today we are dealing with the very important issue that is affecting all of us as a country and the public is watching us. I’m warning you; refrain from what you are doing. Continue, hon Minister. Hon Koni!

Ms N P KONI: I’m standing on a point of order, Chair, based on your ruling. Had it been the EFF member, they would have been threatened with the rules that they know or they would have been chased out of the House a long time ago. Therefore, I’m just making you aware of your inconsistency.

The HOUSE CHAIRPERSON (Mr A J Nyambi): Oh, Koni! Just watch the space and see what will happen.

Ms N P KONI: I don’t want to watch the space because my eyes will get tired. I’ve been watching it for a very long time, dealing with hon Dlamini and hon Manopole. They have been misbehaving, they are very ill disciplined and they have been making noise.

The HOUSE CHAIRPERSON (Mr A J Nyambi): Can you take your seat? Koni, take your seat.

Ms N P KONI: You should have chased them out a long time ago. It has been “Dlamini, Dlamini”. You have not said anything to them. [Laughter.] [Applause.]

The HOUSE CHAIRPERSON (Mr A J Nyambi): Hon Minister, can you continue?

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