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South Africa Women’s Affairs Minister roasted for not protecting Gabriella Engels after she was allegedly assaulted by Grace Mugabe

The HOUSE CHAIRPERSON (Mr A J Nyambi): Sorry, hon Manopole, I’m recognising you.

Ms G M MANOPOLE: Chair, really I’m worried … [Interjections.]

The MINISTER OF WOMEN IN THE PRESIDENCY: I will do it but … [Interjections.]

Ms G M MANOPOLE: I’m raising a point of order saying that hon Hattingh is being consistent. Yesterday himself … [Interjections.]

The HOUSE CHAIRPERSON (Mr A J Nyambi): Can you take your seat? Hon Manopole, you are recognised.

Ms G M MANOPOLE: I am saying that we are sitting here as much as I’m not disrespecting you. Sometimes you can’t even hear what hon Hattingh is raising. He has been abusing the Minister. Therefore, when I raise my hand and want to bring to your attention … because he has been consistent. It is not for the first time today what his behaviour is. Earlier on we have raised hon Hattingh’s conduct because you are far from where the Minister is standing and even the speakers who are on the podium are closer to him. Therefore, they could even interject, hence the reason sometimes … [Inaudible.] … as a human being you’ll be subjected that you cannot stand to this. I’m appealing to the Minister, can you please be consistent. This is really … can you protect the Minister.

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