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Robert Mugabe Wikileaks cables – Part Twenty-Two

41-Mogae says Mugabe is acting like a wounded buffalo

42-Muzenda asks Bush to assist in condemning violence

43-Time is running out for Mugabe

44-Zimbabwe is a sovereign state that does not need foster parents

45-Herald ignores top US official’s visit to Zimbabwe

46-Allowing observers would erase Mugabe’s reputation of a power-crazed, aged dictator.

47-Mugabe says ZIDERA is an insult to the people of Zimbabwe

48-AIPPA and POSA before parliament

49-Army warns journalists

50-Paper warns end violence or face bloodbath

51-Army blackmails voters

52-Obasanjo promised Tsvangirai he would urge Mugabe to step down

53-Mudenge tells EU Zimbabwe will not be bullied

54-Writer on why the West hates Mugabe

55-Daily News says it is dangerous to let Zimbabwe off the hook

56-ZIDERA exposes lack of patriotism among Mugabe’s lieutenants

57-Chronicle lambasts prophets of doom

58-We do not need a surrogate president

59-Herald celebrates Commonwealth decision

60-Paper urges voters to tell President Robert Mugabe to go

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