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Robert Mugabe Wikileaks cables – Part Twenty-One

401-Biti thought Tsvangirai was weak

402-US asked if MDC was going to be swallowed by ZANU-PF like ZAPU

403-Civil society wanted transitional government not GNU

404-Grace agreed to power-sharing agreement

405-Holding Mugabe accountable

406-Odinga said Mugabe and Tsvangirai wanted to talk but…

407-Political tug-of-war- Mugabe versus Tsvangirai

408-Britain may have forced AU to accept Mugabe after 2008 elections

409-Namibia going the Zimbabwe way

410-CSU and MDC differed on people killed during election violence

411-Viva Mugabe champion of the oppressed

412-Tsvangirai said Mugabe would fight Mnangagwa to get honourable exit

413-Tsvangirai, Mugabe were focussed too much on power

414-Tsvangirai insisted Mugabe could only be ceremonial president

415-Mugabe maintains small delegation

416-Tsvangirai said he was being magnanimous to offer Mugabe anything at all

417-Mbeki facilitates one-on-one talks between Mugabe and Tsvangirai

418-Has MDC been outmanoeuvred by ZANU-PF again?

419-Tsvangirai said Mbeki, Mugabe and Mutambara ganged up against him

420-MDC advisors preferred a Transitional Authority not GNU



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