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Robert Mugabe Wikileaks cables – Part Twenty-Five

481-Zimbabwe is a nightmare of a failed state

482-Doing business in Zimbabwe 2009

483-Tsvangirai on returning to Zimbabwe

484-Mugabe wants reform but he has no control

485-Biti said Mugabe and ZANU-PF were stupid not to compromise

486-Botswana said it would only recognise a government where MDC had fair share of power

487-Why Zimbabwe dollarised

488-SADC gave Mugabe two weeks to swear in Tsvangirai

489-Tsvangirai said Mugabe needs me more than I need him

490-Mugabe has mastered the art of sleeping with one ear open

491-Biti says Mugabe is tired

492-Inclusive government the only game in town

493-Half the people of Zimbabwe believe outside forces torturing them

494-Tsvangirai said his first order of business was to replace Gono

495-Grace Mugabe- I have very narrow feet so I only wear Ferragamo

496-Mangoma thought Mugabe and Tsvangirai would have equal powers in NSC

497-Mugabe brought usual suspects into inclusive government

498-Tsvangirai told McGee inclusive government would work

499-Zambian civil society said Tsvangirai was arrogant and self-serving

500-First Lady linked to platinum deal




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