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Robert Mugabe Wikileaks cables – Part Thirty

441-Mzembi said there was no rift between Mugabe and Mnangagwa

442-Mugabe and Tsvangirai in a quandary over ministerial posts

443-Military planned coup after signing of GPA!

444-Namibia secretary to cabinet said Mugabe had tremendous ego

445-Museveni said disunity was greatest source of Africa’s weakness

446-Mugabe wanted MDC to walk away from talks

447-Banda and Sata darlings of Mugabe

448-Generational gap

449-SADC Troika fails to break deadlock

450-Mnangagwa among those who wanted GPA to collapse

451-Zuma asked how West could expect cooperation from Mugabe when they were so critical of him

452-What is it that the West sees in Zimbabwe that Zimbabweans don’t see?

453-Mugabe cartooned in Botswana on United Nations day

454-Mugabe’s message to Obama

455-Cranswick said Gono, Grace and Mujuru were looting diamonds at Marange

456-IFP said Mbeki would never resolve the Zimbabwe crisis

457-South Africa’s IDC was keen to invest in Zimbabwe

458-Lesotho PM told Mugabe to end Zimbabwe crisis

459-Malaysia asked why Mugabe’s doctor was placed on US sanctions list

460-Conference gave Mujuru another chance to challenge Mugabe

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