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Robert Mugabe Wikileaks cables – Part Thirty

241-Most ZANU-PF leaders see a president when they look in the mirror

242-Rautenbach named in Sudanese oil deal

243-Mugabe rigid, defiant, isolated

244-Mutambara says Tsvangirai has become a “little Mugabe”

245-Zvobgo said everyone agreed that Mugabe had outlived his time

246-Malawi press called Mugabe Mutharika’s uncle

247-Mutharika described Mugabe as an African hero

248-US company knowingly broke sanctions to do business with Mugabe

249-More join the Presidential jet

250-Embassy claims Zimbabwe is hyping Chinese investment

251-US embassy requested US$3 million to fight Mugabe

252-Mashakada said Mugabe was the only zero that had to go

253-Gen Mujuru told US its approach insulted Zimbabwe’s “manhood”

254-State Department supported business forum in Harare

255-Mutasa said Mugabe might become president for life

256-Masiyiwa, Takawira and Goko tried to ease Mugabe out

257-Mutambara said Mugabe could be beaten

258-Msipa told Dell that Gen Mujuru was no match for Mugabe

259-Police brutally disrupted prayer meeting

260-Were Shamu and Mzembi silenced?

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