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Robert Mugabe Wikileaks cables – Part Sixteen

281-US embassy gropes for information on people targeted for sanctions

282-Britain refuses to give US information on people targeted for sanctions

283-Was Ibbo Mandaza the public voice of Mujuru?

284-Mugabe and the other bad guys

285-Poland undecided on Mugabe

286-Zuma said Mugabe confused himself with Zimbabwe

287-Masiyiwa said MDC would win 2008 elections but needed cash

288-Zimbabwe a challenge for South Africa

289-Portugal said Mugabe should not be held to a different standard

290-ZANU-PF resorted to brute force to perpetuate its rule

291-Tanzania says West should hear Mugabe out

292-Dell wanted 200 more names added to the sanctions list

293-Angola denied it was planning to send police to Zimbabwe

294-Zimbabwe at the top of the agenda

295-Mugabe digging in

296-Dell said Mugabe was cleverer than any other politician in Zimbabwe

297-Portugal not ready to sacrifice EU-Africa summit

298-Malaysia refused to bar Mugabe from Langkawi

299-Mugabe’s unusual vote of thanks

300-Brown tougher on Mugabe than Blair

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