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Robert Mugabe Wikileaks cables – Part Seven

61-African diplomats felt MDC was not qualified to take over

62-Paper says US and Britain plan to oust Mugabe

63-The choice is simple: Fist or Palm

64-D-Day for Zimbabwe

65-Why Tsvangirai cannot be trusted to run the country

66-Daily News warns people cannot stand by if ZANU-PF steals the election

67-Mugabe wins, Tsvangirai mourns

68-Mugabe should change his vision for Zimbabwe

69-People will regret voting for Mugabe

70-Mugabe pulls the most fraudulent poll in the 21st century

71-Big divide between privately owned and state media

72-Chronicle talks of another plot to oust Mugabe

73-Daily News says Commonwealth should sent clear message to Mugabe

74-Mugabe must know the world is watching his every move

75-What kind of democracy is this?

76-Journalists urged to fight AIPPA to the bitter end

77-EU bullying tactics going too far

78-Zimbabwe does not need dirty money

79-Nyarota arrested for publishing false news

80-Editor arrested for publishing “false story” on First Lady


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