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Robert Mugabe Wikileaks cables – Part Eleven

101-Businessmen challenge ZIDERA- report

102-Zimbabwe has second longest unbroken multiparty democracy in Africa

103-Zimbabwe is not a punch bag for Western nations

104-Did Mugabe pay US blacks to support him?

105-Media hype before earth summit

106-Media play up US plot to oust Mugabe

107-Earth summit, another useless talk shop

108-Perceptions of what Mugabe said at earth summit

109-Five years of ruinous policy

110-How to manipulate the Zimbabwe media

111-SADC sees the light at last

112-Government starves commercial sector to hide fuel shortage

113-USAID-funded poll surprises even the Americans

114-Tsvangirai calls on UN to intervene in Zimbabwe to stop civil war

115-Business tries to engage Mugabe

116-Will the economy implode?

117-Ncube urged US to expel children of those on its sanctions list

118-Tsvangirai accuses Britain and South Africa of trying to maintain ZANU-PF in power

119-ANC agreed to a plan for Mnangagwa to take over from Mugabe

120-Zvobgo was working to force Mugabe out

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