ZANU-PF using financial squeeze to keep MPs in line

When ZANU-PF backbenchers refused to ratify the $957 million loan for the new Harare International Airport at a party caucus meeting addressed by vice- President Simon Muzenda who had to take a break from the Organisation of African Unity summit after three earlier attempts had failed, Zimbabweans must be forgiven for having believed that Parliament was, for a change, becoming the watchdog it should be.

The Great Betrayal: A Review Of Ian Smith’s Book

There is nothing about “Never in a thousand years” (Former Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith’s vow that blacks would never be allowed to rule the country now named Zimbabwe in the next 1 000 years), or baboon climb the mountain (his message to black students at the University of Rhodesia when they demonstrated against his government), or Chifambausiku (the plot by jailed African nationalist Ndabaningi Sithole to assassinate Smith).