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Not alone

It may be of some little consolation to our Zimbabwean doctors, especially junior doctors, to learn that they are not alone in their struggle to get better remuneration.

In Egypt, for example, most are moonlighting as taxi drivers or plumbers since what they earn is merely pocket money.

After finishing their seven-year medical training they can expect to earn 80 Egyptian pounds a month (roughly $120). This is just enough to cover transport and from work.

A secretary working in the private sector, on the other hand, rakes in 500 Egyptian pounds a month while one working for a foreign company can earn as much as 1 000 Egyptian pounds.

If an Egyptian were to emigrate, for example, the salary can be 10 times what he gets at home, in other words he earns in a year what he has to “slave” for 10 years at home.


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