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Mugabe says a Zimbabwean is a Zimbabwean- whether ZANU-PF or MDC

President Robert Mugabe has called on Zimbabweans in the diaspora to help in turning around the economy because the country’s economic revival required the participation of all Zimbabweans regardless if their political affiliation. “A Zimbabwean is a Zimbabwean whether ZANU-PF or MDC. This is one area we cannot be separated from each other; an area where we are Zimbabweans together,” he was quoted by The Herald as saying. “Let us try to utilise our resources to the best of our ability. We must also have good roads. We need power and that is what we are trying to produce in Kariba.  All this can happen in an environment with peace where people can interact easily, where people are not afraid and can talk as friends and allies and as ama Zimbabweans.” He told Zimbabweans in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa: “We need front-runners who will lead the nation in implementing programmes that will bring development to the country. We must also be educated about the struggle so that we know where we are coming from and where we are going. As a nation, we have adopted principles and we will never sacrifice them.”


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