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Mugabe is killing the Zimbabwe dollar again while the people are bringing back the US dollar

When the Zimbabwe dollar died slowly in 2008, it was the rational and economic man and women of Zimbabwe, the people, who buried the corpse and brought in the United States dollars as we know them.

Between 2013 and 2018, through warped policies, wanton spending, recklessness and gross ineptitude, Mugabe’s government chased away the United States dollar, leaving the Zimbabwe dollar in its trail.

But guess what, its repetition all over again.

The government is battering and killing this Zimbabwe dollar, by overprinting it.

And if you watch carefully, again, like in 2008, the people are bringing back the United States dollar again, at the right price officials like to call parallel market rates.

In short, they are busy killing the Zimbabwe dollar they brought back between 2013 and 2015, and the people are, once again, bringing back the United States dollar at the right price.

They are the heroes, you know why?

Because they are rational economic men and women! It’s the work of the invisible hand.

By Matt E.T Matigari for The Source


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