Mnangagwa’s inaugural speech at Zimbabwe’s new president- in full


On these ideals, my administration declares full commitment, warning that grief awaits those who depart from the path of virtue and clean business. To our civil servants, it cannot be business as usual. You now have to roll up your sleeves in readiness to deliver.

We have an economy to recover, a people to serve. Each and every one of us must now earn their hour, day, week and month at work. Gone are the days of absenteeism and desultory application, days of unduly delaying and forestalling decisions and services in the hope of extorting dirty rewards. That will have to stop.

A new culture must now inform and animate our daily conduct. Our offices must speedily answer questions and generate solutions awaited by our customers, be they our citizens or well-meaning outsiders who want to join in the recovery of our economy.

Flexibility must be built into our operations so the machine of Government does not become one huge, ponderous stumbling block to decisions that must be made and communicated expeditiously. The culture in Government just has to change, unseating those little “gods” idly sitting in public offices, for a busy, empathetic civil service that Zimbabwe surely deserves.

Recognising the pivotal role that exports play in generating the much needed foreign currency, Government will ensure relaxation of export procedures, while vigorously ensuring the reduction of all costs associated with the conduct of international trade.

The establishment of Special Economic Zones (SEZ) will be accelerated in the order to attract investment and generate increased exports. The maintenance of economic stability and confidence amongst the transacting public, the local business community and foreign investors remains key to our reform agenda.

To this end, Government will ensure financial sector viability and stability as well as put in place measures that encourage savings through bank deposit and other appropriate financial instruments which bring fair rewards to depositors. The current banking culture where costs are levied on depositors must come to an end. It contradicts the reasons at the heart of banking as a business.

To reduce the high country risk perception among existing and prospective investors, Government will henceforth ensure that its domestic and external debt obligations are serviced to the satisfaction of its lenders and creditors. This will apply to the whole of Government including Local Authorities and State Owned Enterprises.

In addition, my Government will also pro-actively curb externalisation of foreign currency and smuggling of goods. The country’s border management and control systems will be strengthened.

I intend to approach security issues from a broad human, physical and social perspective. All citizens must feel secure and enjoy a sense of belonging in the Land. All activities that the national security institutions aim to achieve must be focused on overall human security from disease, hunger, unemployment, illiteracy and extreme poverty.

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