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Mnangagwa says it is the duty of every citizen to fight corruption

Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa has called on Zimbabweans to fight corruption together saying it is the duty of every citizen to do so because someone somewhere knows some corrupt practice but it keeping quiet about it.  “I know all of us here are aware of some corrupt practice somewhere and which you are keeping quiet about. So it is the duty, a burden on each individual, every citizen, private or public to fight corruption,” Mnangagwa said. “Let me assure you that masamba asiyana, corruption pasi nayo. We are against corruption. We must fight corruption together both the private and public sector. And when we say the public sector we are talking about government enterprises and entities and people involved in the public sector. You in the private sector, help us to fight corruption. Most of you when you say the public sector you think about the President and the ministers. Yes they belong to the public sector but it is very wide; it includes the functionaries in the public sector who may also play a role to suppress and expose corruption.” 


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