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Mnangagwa says externalisers have brought back $300 million

President Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday said those who had externalised funds had brought back $300 million by yesterday’s deadline.

Mnangagwa initially gave externalisers a three-month amnesty which expired on 28 February but extended this by two weeks at the request of the country’s central bank.

A total of $250 million out of an estimated $1.3 billion had been returned by the February deadline but is his earlier report Mnangagwa said some of the money was not returned but had been used to buy imports.

Mnangagwa said he will be publishing the names of all those who had defied the order on Monday.

Some Zimbabweans have, however, said Mnangagwa should publish the names of both those who had defied the order and those who had complied so that the nation knows who is who.

Zimbabwe is facing a cash crisis which Mnangagwa has so far failed to address and some of his critics are skeptical about Mnangagwa’s claim and are asking why the country is still facing a cash crisis if such a huge amount was returned.


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