Mnangagwa abandons the “down with” individuals slogan, goes for issues


We must not only develop a strong bond with the young Zimbabweans, but we must also encourage them to be part of our structures for only then will our Party guarantee existence in the future. Meanwhile, more effort must be put towards policy interventions which deliberately empower women with sustainable business opportunities. The Women’s League, during its mobilisation activities must keep its membership abreast with regards business possibilities, across all the economic sectors.

The Party will harness the collective experience from those fraternal parties who assisted us during our war of liberation and steadfastly supported us in the post independence of our country. To this end, we will see intensified and more coordinated approach to ideological training under the auspices of the Chitepo Ideological College.

As we approach the 2018 Harmonised General Elections, let me reiterate that these will be credible, free and fair. We must always be mindful that no Party, however rich its past, has a divine right to govern. That is something we must earn at the ballot box. As such, the Party must invigorate its structures, organise, mobilise and rigorously ensure that all its members are registered voters. If we do this, we are sure to renew the sacred trust that exists between Zanu-PF and the Zimbabwean people, and we will prevail in the 2018 elections. In the next few months we will be informing you the concrete plans with regard to these elections.

Comrade Delegates,

As a young man, I joined this Party because I believed in it. I believed that it was the Party of liberation, of development, of independence, and most of all, the Party of hope. Standing before you today many decades later, as the new leader of this proud revolutionary and evolving Party, let me assure you that I still believe in this Party because of what it has achieved, and also, importantly, because of what it still can achieve. The Party I believe in is a united, progressive and forward-thinking Party. A democratic Party, committed to transparency, freedom and human rights. An optimistic Party, offering hope and opportunities to all Zimbabweans. A listening Party that understands the hopes and fears of our fellow citizens. And a bold Party that offers solutions to the challenges Zimbabwe faces today.

As we bring this extraordinary Congress to a close and return to our provinces, each and every one of us has a job to do. We are all responsible for bringing this message to the country side.

Comrades Delegates,

Go out and show that Zanu-PF members are humble, honest and patriotic Zimbabweans! Go out and show that Zanu-PF is not only about the past, but the future! Go out and share our vision for the new Zimbabwe! Because together, we will win the election. Together, we will unlock the economic potential of our beloved homeland. Together, we will build a new, prosperous and democratic Zimbabwe for all. I wish you journey mercies as you travel back to your provinces. I also wish you a Happy Christmas and a success filled 2018.

God Bless You!

God bless our Party Zanu-PF!

God bless Zimbabwe!

Pamberi ne Zanu-PF

Pamberi ne Central Committee

Pamberi neku batana

Pamberi Negwara reMusangano

Pamberi neku wina maElections

Pasi nekusada kushanda.

Pasi ne Corruption

I thank you.


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