Mnangagwa abandons the “down with” individuals slogan, goes for issues


Comrade Delegates,

Allow me to turn to a matter which I know is of great concern to us all, that of cash shortages. I realise that people still have very little access to their hard earned cash. The frustration is felt more so now as we prepare for the festive season and thereafter the beginning of the school term. My Government remains committed to redress the structural problems that have resulted in this state of affairs.

To this end, comprehensive measures will be rolled out to address this issue starting of course with fiscal discipline, drastic reduction of the budget deficit and increased productivity. I urge all of us to be patient; soon we will see the benefits of the new economic era. Meanwhile, I exhort all retailers and service providers to desist from wantonly increasing prices. I urge us to stop profiteering tendencies; let us have the people at heart; let us give our new economic era a chance. We can achieve this by working together and putting our nation first.

I would like to equally assure the Party that Government will give due attention to the social services sector, health, education, the rehabilitation of our road infrastructure and attend to the housing needs of our population throughout the country, at all levels, not just in major towns. On housing delivery, we will return to proper planning of settlements and provision of the requisite development infrastructure such as roads, water, sanitation and power. The age of land barons is over, so too is the age of haphazard settlements which crop up overnight. All who were perpetrators of this corrupt and untenable practice must stand warned.

As a people, let us respect our values, our traditional leaders, and uphold the values of Ubuntu/Hunhu in all spheres of life. We are Zimbabweans; let us be proud of our heritage, proud of our history and identity, no matter the circumstances we find ourselves in, individually or as a nation. Let us boldly step out of the past disgraces, and past disappointments. Let us step into the future which we can successfully build together.

Comrade Delegates,

Corruption, corruption, corruption! Let us vow as a Party that this evil must come to an end Now! As a Party let us stop corruption. Let us be exemplary in our conduct and dealings with society. Let us never allow people to use their Party membership as a cover to be corrupt, to cut corners doing shady deals. This Party should never be a haven for corrupt opportunists and the vile of our society, No! No! No!.

The need for discipline as Party members cannot be over-emphasised as it is the pre-requisite if the Party is to score successes in all its endeavours. Political disciple begins with observing and safeguarding the Party Constitution. I urge all of us to be always mindful of the Duties of Members stated in the constitution, which I alluded to earlier, found in Article 3 section 21 subsections 1 to 6. In the same vein, we all have an inalienable responsibility to jealously safeguard the unity of the Party.

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