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Mliswa says Mugabe lied to Parliament

HON. MLISWA:  Madam Speaker, first of all, let me say a very good afternoon to you.  Secondly, let me equally congratulate Hon. Dr. Khupe.  It would be amiss for an independent candidate not to also append their signature to such a welcome move.  I also want to say in line with the Speaker, we wish the President of the MDC-T a speedy recovery.  I think that is quite sincere.  I think he has been a true democrat for this country and it is only befitting that speedy recovery happens.  Equally, the Hon. Vice President Mnangagwa and head of Government Business, we read through the interfaces and listened to the President having to narrate on the ordeal that he went through.  We wish him a speedy recovery.

Madam Speaker, I want to begin by agreeing with Hon. Mandipaka on the aspect that the President truly acquitted himself in terms of being here in the House, which he has done very well, but I also want to look at his speech in the First Session of the Eight Parliament – from his previous speeches to the recent one.  There was a second, a third and a fourth and this is the fifth.

When I decided to go through everything, I still have not read anywhere where from the first session speech there has been any improvement in terms of the economy of the country.  I see that it was left out and as such, it is really what makes this country move forward.

While we enjoy the peace through the defence forces of this country, peace without economic transformation is not peace.  In fact, where the economy is so tough, that very same peace can turn into unknown issues because hunger by its nature – when people are starving and are not doing well, they are likely to respond to that.  So, I want to really emphasise on what it is that has been achieved.  It is pretty clear that – [HON. MEMBERS: Inaudible interjections.] –

THE DEPUTY SPEAKER:  Order, Hon. Members on my left, could you please try and lower your voices.

HON. MLISWA:  It is pretty clear that the ZIMASSET, the economic blue print, is now not being talked about.  Neither have they come up with anything to replace ZIMASSET.  It is not talked about and there is nothing to replace it. So, which economic path are we on?

So ZIMASSET, in terms of it ensuring that the economy comes in, there is a 10 Point Plan again, which came through to try and convince the electorate that ZIMASSET was operational.  The 10 Point Plan again, nothing has happened.  I would have loved hearing the President responding to ZIMASSET.  I would have loved the President to respond to the 10 – Point Plan – how effective has it been in addressing the issues that he set up.

Up to day, and I say this over and over again, the Executive’s expenditure is way too high despite the Executive, especially the Cabinet Ministers, not being able to discharge their duties professionally.  Parliament, I must commend, despite us being underfunded, we still have managed to come to Parliament.  We are going into elections and the CDF is not there and many of my colleagues that I am looking at are likely not to come back, not because they have not worked, but because there are no resources.  The CDF of $50 000 will go a long way in ensuring that people, even the very same ZIMASSET document is supported because if I am given $50 000 and I dig a borehole or build a school, it is within ZIMASSET.

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