Mliswa accuses Shumba of protecting Sakunda boss


HON. MLISWA: I am sorry, the Clerk of Parliament, it is my duty as a Hon. Member of Parliament to respect your office.  He certainly uses names all the time; name dropping is his tendency and knowing you Mr. Speaker, you are a man of honour, so is the Clerk of Parliament.  There are so many allegations of other companies who will come before us who have equally come to me. I will furnish you with their names; they came to me and said is this how you operate that your Chairman asks for money from us, he has got extortionist tendencies which are destroying this Parliament.  I say this with evidence of being called and bringing these companies before you.  I cannot name these companies in here but I am prepared to give you the names of the companies so that they appear before you.  So, as a Member of Parliament, it is important that we record this Mr. Speaker.  I hope and I am prepared to produce this in writing again so that I prove everything that I am saying.  I thank you very much.

THE HON. SPEAKER: Hon. Member I hear you, you said you ask for an audience with me to discuss the issues.  You asked for an appointment and I gave you 1130hrs on Wednesday last week and you did not appear.

 HON. MLISWA: I did not get the message Hon. Speaker.

THE HON. SPEAKER: Yes, so, that is number one.  Number 2; where there are some disagreements in a Committee, the Committee Clerk should write to the Clerk of Parliament who then will address the issues raised in the Committee.  If the Clerk of Parliament fails to resolve the issue, he will then refer the matter to the office of the Speaker.  I want that followed so that we can get to the bottom of the matter.  So, we shall be expecting that letter, and that procedure should be followed so that we can advice accordingly – [HON. MEMBERS: Inaudible interjections.] –           Just a minute…

Hon. Shumba having stood up.

THE HON. SPEAKER: Can you sit down, I am still speaking.  Secondly, if any member of a Committee has got evidence on certain allegations and these allegations are supported with some evidence so that they are no longer allegations, this should be tendered to the Committee in black and white.  I am wondering whether this was done Hon. Mliswa.

HON. MLISWA: Our Clerk of Committee unfortunately is under siege, even some of the minutes that she writes, the things that we say, she does not even put in the minutes.  We spend an hour telling her why did you miss this, she is an innocent girl who I equally see is under siege. I think we need a seasoned Clerk of Committee in our Committee to deal with what is happening.  Even if you recommend her to write, she will not write anything.

THE HON. SPEAKER:  You have not answered my question.  My question is did you tender any evidence in Committee of what you allege here?

HON. MLISWA: No, we did not, but we brought the issue up in our meeting.

THE HON. SPEAKER: Why was that not done?

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