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MDC chastises MPs

The Movement for Democratic Change today chastised its Members of Parliament following reports that they had asked that their sitting allowance be almost trebled from US$75 to US$200 and that they should be given the most expensive cars on the market saying the legislators must be alive to the plight of the people. In a statement, the party said it acknowledged the plight of the MPs but it was strongly against their demand for outrageous perks while the ordinary people of Zimbabwe were struggling to put food on the table.
“While the MPs may have legitimate concerns, those concerns must reflect that representing the people is not equal to what the press has branded as the MDC’s unbridled pursuit of avarice and expensive tastes,” the party said. “The MDC is a party of ordinary Zimbabweans who want parliamentary representatives with a dignified status but who do not make demands that give the impression that we have joined the bandwagon of those from ZANU- PF who are in the news every day for plunder and personal aggrandisement at the expense of the welfare of the ordinary citizen.”


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