MDC Alliance says as the next government we cannot call for sanctions against ourselves


Key spaces need to be made national not partisan,

1. Traditional leaders, our police and army (these are representatives of the people and not the party)

2. Public media should give unequal space and coverage to all voices and all parties;

3. The governing party should not abuse state resources

Contrary to Zanu PF peddled misinformation, our message in the US was very clear. Zimbabwe needs to be engaged and not isolated. More precisely, the new authorities need to be engaged particularly on the difficult issues affecting our country t avoid lip stick temporary solutions.

We are patriotic citizens.

We are democrats. 

We owe no one an apology for our global campaign for re-engagement and for the return to legitimacy through the holding of free and fair elections whose mission and agenda some have deliberately chosen to misrepresent for selfish political capital.

Our record however speaks for itself, we have served our country to the best of our abilities and we have always put our people first.

For us to move without the fear of regression we need to address the following:

1. Resolution of the Political Crisis, through the holding of a proper election with observers allowed in the country three months before the election with unfettered access to the different parts in the country. We view this as a proper path to rebuilding the social contract.

2.Creation of an inclusive growing economy, deal with macroeconomic stability and in the long term ensure growth, we in the MDC Alliance will create a hundred billion dollar economy within 15 years with the economy growing at an average of 7 percent.

3.Attracting FDI, our team will create a conducive environment including the total repealing of the Indigenisation and Empowerment Act, the respect of property rights, the rule of law and constitutionalism. 

4.Change the country’s accumulation model, the state must shift from the current extraction model which places our dealings at the lowest level of global commodity circuits.

5.Financial Sector Stability and Liquidity, as we stated in our critique of Chinamasa’s budget there is urgent need to demonetise the bond note, joining the Rand Monetary Union in the medium term and ring fencing of the US dollar balances to avoid a further loss of value in the accounts of the Zimbabwean people.

6.Expenditure retrenchment, a phased ejection of ghost workers over a period of three years so as to rationalise the public sector wage bill and reform of all State Owned Enterprises.

7.Monetising Democracy, all the Chapter 13 institutions must be strengthened and the implementation of devolution of power must be urgent to ensure even development with decision making vested in decentralised tiers and spheres. The talk by Chinamasa of trying to do away with devolution will further divide our people and polarise our society.

8.International Relations, International Re-Engagement, end isolation of the nation, deal with the debt question and negotiate a martial plan aimed at reconstruction.

9.Putting an end to the land question, stop new farm invasions, deal with security of tenure to ensure that new farmers have both use and exchange value and institute a land audit meant to weed out multiple farm ownerships as well as rationalise the ownership of idle farms.

10.Dealing with the past, we need full enquiries into past political violence including Gukurahundi, we also need to have missing people accounted for including Itai Dzamara. The approach being advocated by Mutsvangwa of sweeping stuff under the carpet did not work under Mugabe repeating the same mistake is folly of the highest order. A full judicial inquiry into the disappearance of the Marange diamonds must also be opened.

Lastly, we want to assure the people of Zimbabwe that as an Alliance, we will continue our international advocacy for free and fair elections next year. As a nation, we have waited too long on the lay by of democracy and we cannot afford to miss the opportunity provided by next year’s elections to poise this country for growth, prosperity and development.

We wish to state that we are heartened by the receptive ear granted to us by our brothers and sisters in Africa and beyond during our recent trip.

Yes, Mugabe may be gone but our national challenges are far much greater than the removal of one person. As Zimbabweans, we need jobs, a stable economy and an accountable people’s government with love and care. We need truly national institutions chlorinated from partisan infections and interference. We need a government that tells the truth and gives people hope.

We need growth, prosperity, development and happiness of the people of this land. Above all else, we need a government installed through the sovereign will of the people of Zimbabwe and that can only happen through a credible election. That process towards a full return to legitimacy needs African and broader international support and that was the basis of our mission.

Zimbabweans certainly deserve better and soon, we will be intensifying our engagement in that regard.

God bless Zimbabwe

Hon. MP. Advocate Nelson Chamisa and Advocate Tendai Biti


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