MDC Alliance says as the next government we cannot call for sanctions against ourselves


11.Moreover, the signs and noises coming from the current regime in the past week have confirmed our skepticism about the new regime in Harare especially the words of presidential advisor Chris Mutsvangwa who said last week that Zanu PF will be working with the army to ensure victory in the next elections. This is in flagrant violation of our Constitution and it is such noises that vindicate the chastity of our mission to Africa and the broader international community that indeed we need everyone’s support in our pursuit of credible elections in Zimbabwe.

12.The struggle for a democratic and prosperous Zimbabwe is a long and winding one. History did not begin or end in November 2017. The MDC has continued on the path it has been following since 1999 and while we acknowledge the changes that have happened in the national leadership they inevitably remain changes in a political party. This must not sway us from the path of democracy.

13.We were all united and in agreement that Mugabe had to go and we will never regret the position we took because it has always been our position. We welcome those who joined us in November after they finally saw the light. However we were not blind to the fact that the removal of Mugabe did not mean the removal of Mugabeism and the totality of the system that he had created. Thus in all this we knew that after waking up the day after Mugabe's departure we still had lots of work to do. This is the work that we continue doing, engaging Zimbabweans, our regional and international allies.

14.We are happy the soldiers have returned to the barracks. We are happy to see that even they now agree with us, now that the command element has announced the same. We must now proceed with Operation Restore Legitimacy because that is the core of next year's elections.

15.Our great motivation is that Zimbabwe must have legitimacy because the lack of it among fellow members of the community of nations has been a burden on our economy. It is because of a lack of legitimacy that some countries continue to impose measures upon us. As a nation we have the power to get these measures removed and all we have to do is to do things the right way. We must hold free, fair and credible elections. How will they stand on hilltops telling us what to do if we hold free, fair and credible elections? This is what we seek. Our engagements are aimed at ensuring that we hold free, fair and credible elections.

16.We know that many Zimbabweans are very hopeful. We all want economic liberation. We also want democracy. However, our hopes must be based on firm foundations, not false premises. As your leadership, we believe it is important to lay down these foundations. We cannot allow ourselves to be swayed by the prevailing winds at any given time. If it happens we must quickly find ourselves. In this case our hope as a nation must be firmly founded on democratic values and principles; on strong economic ideas and honest relations with others.

17.We went to the US as part of our engagements towards fulfilling these goals. Contrary to propaganda and misinterpretations we did not go to America to call for any measures. We have no control over American policy. If anything we asked the Americans to continue with the humanitarian support they have been giving to Zimbabweans. It is our wish to see our people thriving not starving. We understand the need for external help where we are struggling. However, we will continue to be charity cases unless we do the right things by ourselves. We also need to show our commitment by demonstrating electoral reforms that will help us have free fair and credible elections. If we do that, these countries that have measures against us will have no leg to stand on. The power is in our hands. Let’s collectively and together shame all who wish us ill.

18. Our great hope is that the government will understand this cardinal rule that for us to advance as a nation we must have sound policies and a free fair and credible election. Our view is that whoever succeeds between our parties must proceed on a foundation of legitimacy. That is what will emancipate our economy from the present shackles. This is why we seek to work together in order to implement the necessary reforms. If they are receptive this would be great news to Zimbabweans. To this end we urge them to retract or castigate statements made by some among their number to the effect of military involvement in the 2018 elections campaign. They create the wrong impression and spoil the name of the nation at a time when so many Zimbabweans have hope for a better and cleaner future.

19. It is urgent that we transit towards the restoration to legitimacy constitutionalism and the rule of law.

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