MDC Alliance says as the next government we cannot call for sanctions against ourselves


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Wednesday, 20 December 2017

The Global Advocacy trip by the MDC Alliance delegation: A big achievement and a strategic move 

Harvest House, Harare.

1.We wish to acknowledge the interest generated by the trip to the US and that it is fundamental that there be adequate communication to clear the myths. The MDC understands the importance of accountability, which is a key pillar of good governance, public duty and people-centred leadership. The purpose of this briefing is to account to the people.

2.It is exactly 6 weeks into this regime, the situation has not significantly changed and will require all hands to develop and usher a new value driven, democratic developmental state. Correction of past wrongs, violations and failures should not be selective but comprehensive. In our view, economic reforms without political reforms are an unsustainable deception;

3.Next year in 2018, Zimbabwe goes into a watershed election through which the country should poise itself for growth, progress and development. Following the ouster last month of the big man, a strongman who had misgoverned the country for 37 years, all patriotic Zimbabweans know that we must leave no stone unturned in giving the citizens of our beloved country a reason to hope.

4.The much needed hope and national prosperity can only be assured through a return to legitimacy and people’s will underwritten by SADC, Africa and the world. It is against this background that President Morgan Tsvangirai, the MDC Alliance presidential candidate, dispatched us into Africa, Europe and the United States on a global campaign for free, fair and credible elections. That was the essence of our mission and it is regrettable that some among us fell for the cheap ruse that we had gone around calling for sanctions against this country.

5.Every Zimbabwean knows our record in patriotism and national duty. Our trip was about, strategic reengagement for reconstruction and economic recovery, opposition repositioning and a call for a return to legitimacy through free, fair and credible elections. This is the only sure route to have all undesirable restrictive measures and other encumbrances against this country jettisoned and lifted. Zimbabwe cannot continue to be a pariah state or banana republic. Our nation needs to immediately be back into the glorious family of nations as a people-centered, prosperous and progressive developmental country.

6.We mean business. We stand strong. We are serious about forming and being the next government in the next few months. Central to the purpose of our trip, if we are to be the new government we must prepare. Being the new and next government we can’t call for sanctions against our government. Strategic reengagement at party and country level is key. The “Mugabe must go” mantra requires we reposition and reframe our message. Reengagement is a Long process. We saw it in the inclusive government. We must start now. We need $15bn for reconstruction

7.Put simply, we were on a patriotic duty to ensure that Zimbabwe gets back into business again, (a back to business mode) (a back in the game approach) particularly if we are able to bring back African and international confidence by running a truly credible election next year.

8.During this trip, we met business and political leaders in Africa and beyond. We made presentations to various bodies, including the US Foreign Relations Committee, exhorting them to assist this country in its return to legitimacy which is the only way we can unlock the political and economic handcuffs currently arresting the nation.

9.Zimbabweans know that this country needs to start afresh. We need international goodwill. We need massive capital injection but above all, we need international confidence; which confidence can only come with the installation of a legitimate regime in Harare through credible elections. Last month’s developments must be seen as the first step towards a long journey to legitimacy, which must culminate in clean elections and a truly people’s government next year.

10.The new administration in Harare has said the right words at times. They have promised a new start and a new era for the country. Above all, President Emmerson Mnangagwa has promised free and fair elections but what has been missing is a proper roadmap to that election; the timelines and the implementation of key reforms, including the return of our soldiers to the barracks in line with the dictates of the Constitution. That is the area where we need the support of SADC, the AU and the broader international community— all of whom we have engaged and will continue to engage without fear or favour.

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