Maridadi says ZANU-PF politburo might as well meet in Africa Unity Square because its discussions are leaked to the public even before the meeting is over


 “Government is now working to consolidate agriculture among other things investing more resources in water harvesting and irrigation development”. Mr. Speaker that is not happening. Where is it happening? Why do they allow the President to read a speech as if he does not live here. The President lives here. The situation out there is at cross purposes with what the President is saying. When I go to South Africa and I am asked who my President is, I come from the opposition but President Mugabe still remains my President until 2018 when we come to the elections. He remains my President. I hate it when people try to embarrass him in public like that.

The President says, “the sustained growth in the mining sector’s contribution to the country’s GDP hinges on the full implementation of beneficiation, value addition programme”. He said that the Mines and Minerals Act must be brought to Parliament. It does not talk about exploration. Exploration is more important than all that because what we need to know is what do we have underground. We can securitise it and borrow money based on our mineral wealth and that will not happen if there is no exploration. The Mines and Minerals Amendment Bill must talk about exploration because we do not know what is underground Mr. Speaker.  Also, I think that is closing the stable door after the horse has bolted because $15 billion went missing and the nation is waiting for answers as to what happened to the $15 billion.  I will leave it at that and go to the next point.

 Enhanced national economic competitiveness and the country’s appeal as an investment destination, Government has embarked on reforms to improve domestic business environment, the Insolvency Bill which the Hon. Vice President presented to Parliament and all those other Bills which are before Parliament.

 We will go to the next slide, Mr. Speaker, that gentleman there is known as Hon. Patrick Anthony Chinamasa.  He is a Member of Parliament and Minister of Finance and Economic Development. I want to hear what he says about the state of the economy.

Let us go to the next slide, state of the economy.  Mr. Speaker, last week shops went empty and we are told it was because of social media, Judas Iscariot and the President is very clear that there is a Judas Iscariot amongst us who caused that to happen.  That person, Mr. Speaker, must be brought before the courts because it is treason of the highest order if you generate a message that causes shops to be empty.  Prices actually increased by 75% – that is treason and there is chaos on the money market with a four tier pricing system.  Hard cash United States Dollars, they have their own price; Bond notes attracted 25% surcharge which is now up to about 60 to 70; Ecocash attracts 50% and telegraphic transfers, Mr. Speaker, you do not even know – that must be sorted out.  I am glad that the President has identified some Judas Iscariots in the system that must be flushed out.  We cannot wait for that to happen and I for one cannot wait in the name of Jesus.

 Let us go to the next slide, state of the economy, I continue.  Mr. Speaker, of everything that is happening, no money is being made available to the productive sector.  The 5% Export Incentive is too little…

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