Maridadi says Obert Mpofu and Supa Mandiwanzira must resign and clear their names first


Madam Speaker, the most saddening scenario is that a person, who then reports that a Minister has engaged in this corruption, is the person who is arrested. Now, we are told Reward Kangai is guilty of criminal abuse of office. He has not been taken to court because he is making allegations against the Minister, the Minister is making counter allegations; those two people must be brought before a court of law. The court of law must decide who is guilty and who is not.

Madam Speaker, for as long as we do not make painful decisions, for as long as we do not come to this House and make very painful debates, as a nation, we are going round in circles. Next year, the Hon. Minister will come to this House and he will again present a Budget of 4 billion. Portfolio Committee Chairpersons will stand up and say this money is not enough, we must do a, b, c, but as long as this corruption is still in this country, we are not going anywhere.

I was watching videos, some of the houses that we have in this country, you cannot have such houses in a developed economy like South Africa. There are people who live in such Houses, in a 4 billion dollar economy, where on earth does a person get money to construct a three storey building that is bullet proof with 27 bedrooms, all en suite. The last time I was here making my contribution, I said to the former President, Mr. President when you are going to your house and you see Hon. Kasukuwere’s house to your right what goes on in your head. Quite honestly if you are the man in charge and you see that somebody who is working for you has such property, you must be able to ask where did he get this money from. A person who has not invented anything, a person who has no known business, all he did was get into Government and the next time he has constructed a four storey building with 27 bedrooms and it is bullet proof and it has a helipad.

For as long as we have Ministers who have 19 year old children going to university driving vehicles that are worth $196 000, we can talk about Hon. Chinamasa and how he can cut on Government expenses, it will not help. How do people get the money to import a vehicle that is worth $200 000 for a girl who is 19 years? Where are they getting the forex from? Hospitals have no drugs and yet a minister’s daughter is cruising in a Land Rover Autobiography worth $196 000. Where did the Minister get the foreign currency from? Those are the difficult conversations that we must have with His Excellency.

We have seen pictures on social media where a Minister parks 11 state of the art vehicles. The cheapest of those vehicles is worth $150 000. Some of the cars that the spouses of ministers are driving, those are the kind of vehicles that are driven by Prince Philip, the husband to Queen Elizabeth and those vehicles are manufactured in England. That is why they are able to drive those vehicles.

In a country like this one, I am telling you some of the vehicles that are driven by children of ministers, if you sell that vehicle and put that money in Mabvuku-Tafara, I have said this is my favourite; even stray cats will come back home because there will be adequate money in the constituency.

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