Maridadi blasts ZANU-PF members for being hypocrites-  One day they are singing praises for Mugabe and Grace, the next for Mnangagwa and Auxillia


At least what I like about Cde. Mugabe is that when he came here, people did not try to climb on him to say congratulations. Why are they doing it to Cde. E. D. Mnangagwa? They will remove him from focusing. What Hon. Mnangagwa needs now is support and the support is not to go in front of him and say, we are supporting you. No, you support from the background. You support by action by what you are doing. What you must tell the President is that he is the President of ZANU PF and he is also President of the nation, so he is also President of MDC-T people.

Madam Speaker, just last week, I was told rice is available for Members of Parliament at the Ministry. I go to the Ministry and I am told no, it is no longer available for urban MPs, but Hon. Makari got hers, Hon. Mazivisa got his but now it is not available because it is Maridadi who supports the MDC-T. Is MDC-T a party from Mozambique? Those are the things Hon. Kashiri you must be telling President Mnangagwa, that he should depart from Cde Robert Mugabe’s legacy. Go on a new trajectory. This is the new trajectory where I must be able to come into your office as an opposition person and say Honourable, I want this and this and you must be able to grant them. That is what we want, but we have young Ministers who think like 90 year olds. They think like people born in 1922 and yet they are young, they are in their 40s and in their 50s. What nonsense is that?

Madam Speaker, what we want now – I am also going to give recommendations to the President. The President of this country, Hon. E. D. Mnangagwa must never receive presents from people. Not birthday presents, not even a birthday card. He must not because when you do that, you compromise him. Former President Mugabe’s cake which was the size of this table would come from Premier Medical Aid Society. Just see how difficult it was for us to deal with the issue of Premier Medical Aid Society because the President was compromised.

I wish Hon. Auxillia Mnangagwa was here and I would say to her, if you see people from ZANU PF coming to your house, tell them to go away. If they want to see the President, they must go to ZANU PF Head Quarters and make an appointment. Why do they want to go to his house, say what? That is when they tell him Hon. Nduna said this and that and Hon. Maridadi said this, trivial things – [Laughter.]-

Madam Speaker, we want to build this country. This country belongs to all of us, whether you are ZANU PF. Whether you are from Chimuti party or from the MDC-T, at the end of the day, the country comes first and the party comes second. So, this idea of thinking that if you belong to this party you are more patriotic than people who belong to this party is wrong. Also let me give another recommendation to the President. President Mnangagwa must not allow people to go around wearing t-shirts printed ‘ E. D. Kutonga Kwaro’. I will tell you what that means. I saw a group of young boys who were driving a Mercedes Benz with a picture of the President. When they get to a road block police do not stop them, their vehicles are not searched. They are not subjected to what other citizens are subjected to because they say can you not see that I am driving a vehicle with the picture of the President.

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