Maridadi blasts ZANU-PF members for being hypocrites-  One day they are singing praises for Mugabe and Grace, the next for Mnangagwa and Auxillia


HON. MARIDADI: Hon. Dambudzo Mnangagwa was sitting in some House, as Vice President and he had just been dismissed and there were only five people in that room. His wife was one of them. His phone did not ring for about three to four hours. When Hon. Mnangagwa jumped the border to go to South Africa and things happened in this nation and it was a day before he came here, I am told his phone was ringing off the hook. He switched off his phone but it continued to ring because people were continuing to phone – [Laughter.] – When he came back to Zimbabwe as President and his wife came and sat there, people were almost climbing on her to say, congratulations. She was almost suffocated but it is the same Auxillia Mnangagwa whose husband was dismissed in public and people laughed at her. Barely three days later, people were falling over each other congratulating her. Isisu taitaura navo, we could not even talk to her. Up to now, I have not even spoken to her because you cannot even go through because people are busy phoning from your right.

Madam Speaker, let me tell you and this is a warning to the President, His Excellency, those people who are going to his office and those people that are sending congratulatory messages, those are wolves in sheep’s skin. They do not like him, they like his power – HON. MEMBERS: Yes. Wabata pane mari.] – Madam Speaker, I am one person who did not like the Presidency of the former President Cde. Gabriel Mugabe. That is why I tried to move a motion to impeach him from 2013. I tried from 2013, until I had to go to the Constitutional Court. Madam Speaker, today I would never rise to say anything disparaging of Cde. Mugabe. Handife ndakavatuka in his personal capacity, but a Member of Parliament from the right once stood up and said Mrs. Mugabe is a prostitute. It is there, it is in the public domain. If you want I can copy it. It is there in the public domain. Hon. Chinotimba in an interview said Mrs. Mugabe is a prostitute and we told him that you do not say such things about someone’s wife.

Let me tell you, if you are a senior in ZANU PF today and you are a Minister and you hear people say that, they could say the same thing to your wife tomorrow. They will say exactly the same thing to Hon. Auxillia Mnangagwa, they will say exactly the same thing to the wife of the Speaker because these are people without principles. What they follow is power, they do not follow ideals.

Madam Speaker, we must not be a nation of hypocrites. If things had not gone the way they went, I am telling you Madam Speaker, you would not be sitting in that Chair. I am telling you Hon. Kashiri you would not be a Minister. Hon. Kashiri, you would be living in Mozambique in exile and Madam Speaker, you would be living in Mutoko in exile. Madam Speaker, congratulating Hon. Mnangagwa has no value. It does not add value to anything. It does not add value to him; it does not add value to this nation. What we must focus on is work. We are an institution of the State and what we must do is to hold the President to account. We must be saying to ourselves, President Mnangagwa, these are the things you promised us, how far have you gone and what are you doing about these things instead of saying makorokoto, makorokoto. Ekuita sei makorokoto?

Madam Speaker, today we were told there are hoards and hoards of t-shirts printed R. G. Mugabe with a signature. Now they do not even know what to do with those t-shirts. It is because people are hypocrites. I am challenging ZANU PF today to give me those t-shirts so that I can give them to the less privileged people of Mabvuku and Tafara. I am challenging you because you do not want them. Give them to me. Madam Speaker, just two weeks before Hon. Mnangagwa became President here, this car park was full of cars which had the signature of President Mugabe and the face of Grace Mugabe with the words ‘Munhu wese kuna amai’. We have videos here of people three days after Hon. Mnangagwa was fired saying ‘Munhu wese kuna amai’, but they are the same people who almost climbed on the President when he came here. Literally climbed on him. What nonsense is that?

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