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Let’s speak more positively about ourselves- RBZ chief

The Reserve Bank governor John Mangudya yesterday said Zimbabweans should speak more positively about themselves because there was already a negative perception about the country. “We must speak more positively about ourselves. We are renowned for being educated, but we are so negative about ourselves and those negative perceptions lead to more negativity and that leads to lack of confidence. But if we were to measure it, we are not a country with very bad policies. The policies are good, but we may not be publicising them very well. We have a number of comparative advantages which we can exploit. We have good weather, the seventh wonder of the world, the Victoria Falls, and we have peace. We take these factors for granted, but to an investor they are very critical. If we were to put a very huge investment around the Victoria Falls and target one million arrivals and they spend US$1 000 each, we would raise US$1 billion and this could fund ZimAsset.”


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