Jonathan Moyo’s expose on Mnangagwa’s wealth backfires


Denny: ‏Who ever gives weed to @ProfJNMoyo must stop immediately

Abel Moyo: imboverenga ma reply aya jojola .Wo deleta twitter account yako iyi , then WO #svagabasajonso

Andrew:talk talk talk.  There is nothing u will do.  You and your grandpa 's era is over. Accept it

Tendai James Tevera:  kkkkkkkkkkk Prof iii hasha here dzabva dzaiita kuti mutadze spelling munhu wa prof ????? #himan rights????  #do not be guided by bitterness

Amai Boy: ‏Makanyararidzirei Bob when we he was ready to do 15billion expose! You repeated gaff ya JTR when sh was VP n u showed loath. CIA already estimated EDM @ at least 10billion prior to the 15bil press conference by http://Bob.You  can start with th expose stop quoting others

Tafajowa: ‏You never said all this while in gvt. Your faction lost and yu are bitter. Uchafa ne BP instead of cholera ku Zambia kwauri ikoko.

Motochimurenga: ‏it beta kana achiba ovhura macompany panewe waiba mari motengesa poison …muchamama henyu mati madii cde garai ikoko kumukumbura border post

Charity Maodza: No amount of mudslinging or character assassination would erase the fact that you are the enemy of the people. All your vitriol against Gvt will remain spiteful &unedifying!

rangarusere@gmail.comKutaura kweashaya hanzi chidembo usavi

Cde Bond Coin:  Nhai @ProfJNMoyo hamuone kuti mogwe hondo yakagwiwa karesa mukaruza. Kuba or kusaba a rich president is far much better. Please concetrate on your private life and leave zim to ED and us.

Mr Du Pont: i sincerely hope we don't see the day you come here and say "i told you so" coz pakaipa Prof.

The Strategy General: ‏The majority of twimbos are quite interesting. Someone puts up a post and they do not focus on the contents of the post and instead start throwing vitriol at the poster. This is a disastrous way of thinking.

Lucky Luke: ED ayenda ne nyika prof, bhazi ramakwira harisike.

CHINOGWENYA GIFT: Zvawazviona wanatsa, chiitawo coup ugomutorera all these assets, it's merry-go-round, and the next one will be me kkkkk!

mdara shyie: ‏compulsory fuel blending has short term benefits but long term damages to our cars. a lot of money is lost again thru services and spare parts imports. it must be optional since we dont manufacture our own cars

Jacob:  Vanhu vekudzidza ma arts vanotishupa ava ,dai ari ma STEM submissions handiti tingadai lava pane chine chidanho

Ralph G: ‏as much as i detest the man Jonso is onto something……from Mugabe??? vast empire to??????

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