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Jonathan Moyo according to Wikileaks-Part Six

61-Chakaodza says Jonathan Moyo is in for a surprise

62-Jonathan Moyo says retrenchments at ZBC will boost morale

63-Government appoints media and information commission

64-American journalist charged under AIPPA

65-Chakaodza says Jonathan Moyo has lost the plot

66-Lawyer says Mugabe wanted to control professional workers

67-New media law demands sensitive corporate information

68-Nyarota sues Jonathan Moyo for $6 million

69-Local journalists challenge AIPPA

70-Jonathan Moyo says British government has gone bananas

71-Mugabe, Jonathan Moyo rap the West

72-Mugabe rewards loyalty not competence

73-Human rights activist arrested for publishing falsehoods

74-Jonathan Moyo says Zimbabwe is not a banana republic

75-Delta financing its own interests while appearing benevolent

76-MP says Mugabe wanted to step down in 2001 but was urged to stay on

77-Government stops food aid to Insiza

78-Government cracks down on NGOs

79-Midlands: the model in land redistribution

80-Parirenyatwa doubted Zimbabweans could find a solution to their crisis

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