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ILO shocker- Zimbabwe unemployment only 5 percent

Unemployment in Zimbabwe is only 5.4 percent and this is likely to remain so until next year, according to a chart released by the International Labour Organisation today.  Unemployment in Zimbabwe is usually put at between 80 and 90 percent, but the ILO chart shows that unemployment in Zimbabwe has been steady at 5.3 and 5.4 percent. The ILO says that its unemployment rates might be different from those published by national sources due to differences in coverage and definitions. Ironically, according to the ILO chart, while Zimbabweans are flocking to Botswana and South Africa, unemployment is higher in the two countries with Botswana at 18.2 percent and South Africa at 25.1 percent. Former Finance Minister Tendai Biti was booed two years ago when he said Zimbabwe’s unemployment was 9 percent. The ILO says it was 5.3 percent.


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  1. (Unemployment) not employment .people should be careful .these words confuse .stupied people . 5% maybe employed . But i would put it at 1 percent employed . Not that 5.4% nonsense