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If Zimbabwe were a private company, Mugabe would have long been fired – MP says

HON. P. D. SIBANDA: Thank you Mr. Speaker. There are pertinent issues that we need to attend to as a nation. I know some of my colleagues are so much in love with the person of the current Head of State. Let us not forget that when we are debating, we are not debating looking at an individual. We are debating looking at the institution, the Office of the President because tomorrow it will be Hon. Mukupe who will be President for example. Should we allow him to be taking water across from our country to other countries? – [Laughter.]-

So when I am speaking, I am not speaking to the incumbent. I am speaking to the institution. There are certain critical issues that need to be attended to when the Head of State comes to address Parliament. It is important that he addresses the nation on those issues. We have got the so called Seke Diesel Electricity Plant. For a long time, people have been speaking to it. The electricity that is being generated there is double expensive than electricity that we get from Mozambique and South Africa but no one has attended to it. When I listen to my colleagues, they are busy setting free the culprit who is the Chief Executive Officer of the country, and everyone is saying the President has been busy talking about corruption.

The problem is that the President is talking about corruption. What we need is not people that talk about corruption. What we need are not people that will talk about our problems. We need people in offices who are occupying the one centre of power office to make sure that they take action against the ills that we are facing. Apparently, the Head of State that we have has failed dismally in that area. He has failed dismally. I have talked about issues…

HON. MAONDERA: On a point of order Hon. Speaker.

THE TEMPORARY SPEAKER: What is your point of Order Hon. Maondera.

HON. MAONDERA: My point of order is that I am surprised to hear Hon. Nyoni hackling and she is one of the Ministers who rarely comes to Parliament. We want to listen to issues but she is busy hackling and she rarely comes to Parliament.

THE TEMPORARY SPEAKER: No point of order, I did not hear that Hon. Maondera.

HON. P. D. SIBANDA: Hon. Speaker, with all due respect to the Office of the President, when we call him the Head of State, Head of Government, Commander-in-Chief, First Secretary, Chancellor of all universities and all those titles, those titles do not just go without any expected return. When we give you all those titles, what we expect are results and right now as we speak, corruption is going uncontrolled, the economy is decaying, hospitals have closed, schools have got no teachers and nothing is happening. We want to pay civil servants bonuses with land because the Government, the Head of State, the Chief Executive Officer has failed. If it was a private company, President Mugabe would have long been fired. He is not supposed to continue to be where he is. He has failed this nation and therefore, the best that he can do like in other countries that have got leadership that have a conscience, that loves the people and not themselves, not selfish leadership, when they fail they say can I give someone an opportunity to do better because I have failed. How long does he want to continue failing? I think it is time that he steps down and give new leadership to take over this country. I thank you.


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