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Our Party Constitution in Article 2 section 9 obligates the Party, “to create conditions for the establishment of a democratic, political and social order which guarantees in perpetuity that the Government of the state shall be answerable to the people through periodic free and fair elections based on universal adult’s suffrage.” This we will continue to do as we have since Independence and I have already announced that the 2018 Harmonised General Elections will be held as scheduled.

In planning and conducting these elections, our position as the ruling party demands that we carry the nation we liberated, securing all who live within its borders, upholding the national Constitution, laws and values as well as defending and safeguarding our country’s sovereignty. Above all, we must ensure peace over our land, towards whose nurturing and preservation we must spare no effort.

We who are called upon to lead Zanu-PF, and because of that privilege, our nation, must remember this at all times. We must vow to observe the rule of law, to live and to govern in accordance with the tenets of our struggle, for failure to do so, we undoubtedly result in damnation from the Party, whatever our rank or level.

Comrade Delegates,

The Party Constitution in Article 5 Section 26 provides that an Extraordinary Congress may be convened as guided by subsections there under. Over and above meeting the Party’s constitutional requirements, this Extraordinary Congress convenes against the backdrop of events and developments of the past few weeks which have become known as “Operation Restore Legacy”.

These events were both dramatic and epochal for our Party and our nation. Millions of Zimbabweans, young and old, urban and rural, wide-eyed children and battle-hardened war veterans came together to make themselves heard and to call for a shift in direction, a New Era, a prosperous future for all people.

I would like to salute the Commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces General Doctor Constatino Nyikadzino Guveya Chiwenga and all the members of the Defence Forces for standing shoulder-to-shoulder with their fellow Zimbabweans and for putting the peace and stability of Zimbabwe first!

I would also like to extend my deepest appreciation to the war veterans who stood strong in the face of threats and at times personal persecution as they fought for our glorious nation and its heritage.

I equally commend the Party’s Provincial leadership throughout the country and the Central Committee as well as the Party Members of Parliament, who were decisive in their resolve to bring to completion the fulfillment of the desires of the people of Republic of Zimbabwe, within the confines of our Party Zanu-PF and National Constitution respectively.

Through the actions of all involved, our constitutional and democratic order was respected and upheld. Humanity glowed and shown, thereby ensuring that no single life was lost as a direct result.

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