Don’t discuss Tsvangirai in Parliament because he cannot answer for himself – MP says


It is also on record Mr. Speaker Sir that a ZBC vehicle was set on fire and a police vehicle was also set on fire. There was unwarranted destruction of a police base at Market Square during these skirmishes by these political maul contents.  Now, Mr. Speaker Sir, given that, I call upon Parliament to resolve to, strongly condemn any political renegates, political malcontents or any opposition political parties for that matter which are quite disturbing for the disturbances that we witnessed last year.  Perpetrators of such violence should be brought to book, the ZRP has to be supported morally, spiritually and materially in their efforts to maintain law and order.

Mr. Speaker Sir, the Hon. Minister of Home Affairs must, if possible, give a statement that reassures the nation that we are going to enjoy peace as we move towards elections in 2018 and that they have also dealt with these political malcontents and carried out thorough investigations.  Security implies absence of threats or danger, but security of course, starts with an individual but transcends to a nation.  I had disturbing pictures of police officers that were severely assaulted, police base that were set alight and police vehicles.  Apparently those pictures went missing under very suspicious circumstances.  I was supposed to have shared the pictures amongst Hon. Members that are here in this august House, but they just went missing under suspicious circumstances.

Allow me Mr. Speaker, to trace political developments, violence and illegal demonstration, were they came from, how they emanated and how they came into existence. Some of us are aware that the emergence of a certain political party in 1999, brought with it certain problems, and I will mention those problems that were brought.  For the record, proponents of the regime change agenda continued to collude with this political party that I am talking about, and other political opposition parties, to cause disturbances and de-stabilise this peaceful country in the Southern region in Africa. Alas, their efforts are going to fail because we have got a vigilant Police Force, Defence Force and Security agencies which is of our own making.

At Banket Country Club in 1999, a political formation or movement was formed under the name MDC.  This political formation was supported largely by commercial farmers.  It is only then that we started to experience political violence and disturbances in this country.   We sharply recall the food riots of 2000.  We also recall the resistance to the land reform programme; we also sharply recall in December 2001, that some Zimbabweans in the opposition assisted in the crafting of ZIDERA.  The final push was spearheaded by none other than Mr. Morgan Richard Tsvangirai ‘Mazidhengere’ of Buhera.   In 2008, we witnessed violence demonstration; leader of the opposition MDCT, Richard Morgan ‘Mazidhengere’ of the Save totem is on record for instigating violence.  There is an audio if you can still remember where we hear Mr. Tsvangirai saying…

HON. CHIMANIKIRE: Mr. Speaker, I would like to raise an objection.  In terms of Parliamentary rules, we are not allowed to discuss an individual who will not be in this House to answer for themselves.  The Hon. Member has mentioned the name of Morgan Richard Tsvangirai more than four times, and making very serious allegations yet Morgan Richard Tsvangirai will not be able to respond to the allegations that he is raising.

THE TEMPORARY SPEAKER: Hon. Mandipaka, refrain from mentioning names.

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