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Chii nhai, Mugabe asks?

“Chii nhai? Vakuru vedu vanenge vapindwa nemweya waSatan. Every Monday when I get briefings from the police, we have cases of children being abused from all over. I should have brought the statistics here to show you. Sometimes it is the father or an uncle abusing their children. Sometimes it is an elderly person or a very young girl raped by a close relative. It is happening and it is terrible. We don’t know what is happening. So where have our morals gone? If we are letting you down, we are saying learn from us how not to do the bad things we are doing and how to do the good we are not doing. Something has gone wrong. What has happened to our moral and social fibre? As government, we are working on enhancing our policing interventions to eradicate what has turned into a epidemic.”- President Robert Mugabe addressing the children’s Parliament yesterday.


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