Obama admits sanctions are hurting the innocent but says you have to send clear signals

United States President Barack Obama admitted that sanctions on Zimbabwe, said to be targeted at individuals and firms, are hurting the innocent but the United States had to send clear signals about how it expects elections and governments to be conducted.  Responding to a question from Zimbabwean entrepreneur Takura Chingonzo that the so-called targeted sanctions were affecting innocent people like him, Obama said: “Well, obviously, the situation in Zimbabwe is somewhat unique.  The challenge for us in the United States has been how do we balance our desire to help the people of Zimbabwe with what has, frankly, been a repeated violation of basic democratic practices and human rights inside of Zimbabwe.  And we think it is very important to send clear signals about how we expect elections to be conducted, governments to be conducted — because if we don’t, then all too often, with impunity, the people of those