Khama changes mind on Zimbabwe sanctions

President Ian Khama of Botswana long considered one of President Robert Mugabe’s strongest critics today closed ranks with fellow Southern African Development Community leaders and called for the removal of Western sanctions on Zimbabwe.  “I think right now we are in a situation whereby those on who sanctions have been applied feel very strongly that this is a hindrance,” he said.  “We have seen the economic situation improving and we are seeing the political situation improving.

Embrace equity law or stay out

President Robert Mugabe today said foreign investors should embrace Zimbabwe’s equity laws which require them to sell 51 per cent stakes to locals or “stay out.” “Our resources are ours, they belong to Zimbabweans, they belong to the sons and daughters of Zimbabwe and those who want to share our resources must get our permission to do so,” Mugabe told mourners at the burial of Ephraim Masawi.