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Britain’s Minister for Africa arrives in Zimbabwe

Britain’s Minister for Africa for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Department for International Development, Harriett Baldwin, arrived in Zimbabwe today.

She is expected to hold meetings with business representatives, politicians, human rights groups, NGOs and other members of civil society.

Baldwin is the second British minister to visit Zimbabwe since Mnangagwa assumed office on 24 November, the first being Rory Stewart.

Baldwin said in a statement released by the British government: “I am looking forward to meeting a wide range of Zimbabweans and hearing from them about the huge potential their country holds and the challenges that must be faced ahead of elections later this year.

“The UK has a longstanding relationship with Zimbabwe and we are committed to working with the government of Zimbabwe for a bright, prosperous and hopeful future for all Zimbabweans.”

Britain has been all out to get its foothold back in Zimbabwe since the military intervened to remove President Robert Mugabe who considered Britain his number one enemy and pulled the country out of the Commonwealth.

Analysts have, however, warned Mnangagwa to tread carefully because Zimbabwe might be exploited in the rush to welcome everyone.


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