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Baba Jukwa exposed?

A London-based internet publication, New Zimbabwe.Com, today said it had received information and documents that revealed that Baba Jukwa, who has rocked the nation for more than a year, is really two South African-based Zimbabwean journalists, Mxolisi Ncube and MkhululiChimoio, who write for The Zimbabwean. But Jukwa’s fans are sceptical about the disclosure. “I don’t respond to rubbish! Jukwa wabatwa, Jukwa wabatwa, Jukwa wabatwa, Jukwa wabatwa, Jukwa wabatwa? Muchabatana ikoko isu tichi piwa ma updates naJukwa kuno, ” wrote one of the fans on Baba Jukwa’s facebook page. Jukwa came onto the scene on 22 March last year, six days after the national referendum that approved the new constitution. By today he had 405 835 likes. Baba Jukwa describes himself as a ZANU-PF insider and a “concerned father, fighting nepotism and directly linking community with their leaders, government, MPs and ministers”. The Insider has always been sceptical about this anonymous character and has argued that he was part of the ZANU-PF campaign. The New Zimbabwe report says the two journalists were probably working with intelligence services. Zimbabwe’s intelligence has infiltrated almost all news outlets except perhaps one-person operations, and usually at senior level.


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